Premium Hashish

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Red Lebanese Hash is a renowned cannabis concentrate originating from Lebanon. Recognized for its distinct red hues and earthy aroma, this hashish offers a smooth and flavorful experience. Enjoy a traditional and captivating journey with the unique qualities of Red Lebanese Hash.

Mosseaux is a unique variety of hashish known for its specific regional characteristics. It boasts a distinct flavor profile and texture, offering consumers a memorable and flavorful journey. With its individuality, Mosseaux stands out among hashish connoisseurs for a special cannabis experience.

Dry Sift Hash is a premium concentrate crafted through meticulous sifting of cannabis flowers. This results in a pure and potent form of hashish, known for its clean flavor and powerful effects. Elevate your experience with the exceptional quality of Dry Sift Hash.

Afghan Charras is a traditional hand-rolled hashish originating from Afghanistan. Its artisanal creation results in a rich and potent cannabis concentrate, delivering a smooth and powerful experience cherished by hash enthusiasts.