One of the largest hemp producers in EU

“Swiss quality, Croatian price”

Quality hemp products from our farm in the heart of green Croatia that adheres to the highest production standards.

CBD & CBG flowers - hemp-wholesale

CBD & CBG flowers

Indoor, glasshouse & outdoor hemp flowers

Kief-hemp wholesale


Top shelf kief, made under 100 microns

Hash - hemp wholesale


Made in house, by ourselves, using our on ingredients of finest quality

Biomass - hemp wholesale


Organic grown CBD & CBG Biomass, ready for extractions

CBD oil - hemp wholesale

CBD oil

We are making finest quality CBD oil tailored to your needs

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Why work with us?

Best hemp prices on the market, constantly good hemp quality, trustworthy analysis, express shipping and many more. A perfect experience of CBD wholesale.

Not only that we are one of the largest producers and growers of hemp in EU but we come from the distribution side of the business as we are the largest distributors of CBD products to tobacco shops and gas stations in the whole Croatia – we supply more then 1500 retail places all over Croatia.

Coming from distribution side of the business, we know all the troubles that distributors can have when buying from other wholesalers, such as: constant change in quality of the products (from one order to another), changes in prices, Certificates of Analysis that you can not trust and analysis that don’t correspond to actual products, too long shipping times etc…

Main reason why we started growing and producing hemp was to get rid of all the troubles that come along the way on a regular basis when you need to deal with different wholesalers.

Now, after becoming leading Croatian hemp wholesaler and producer we are able to offer to all our clients perfect experience of CBD wholesale, that is based on our integrity and mutual trust.

Who and where we are

Young and professional team with a plantation in the greenest part of Croatia

About us-Adriatican hemp producer
CBD distribution-Adriatican hemp producer-bcg

The perfect experience of CBD wholesale

The same quality of the hemp products every time you order, trustworthy analysis of the actual products that we are selling, express shipping, change in price never happens when you buy from us… and many more:)

“Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet.”