About us

One of the biggest hemp producers and growers in EU

Buying hemp directly from producers = Best market prices and best quality of the hemp products.

Not only that we are one of the biggest hemp producers and growers in Croatia, we are proud to say that we are the biggest distributors of CBD to tobacco shops and gas stations in Croatia, supplying more than 1500 retail places.

Coming from the distribution side of the business we are aware of all the troubles that come along the way when buying from different wholesalers.

That is why we started growing for ourselves primarily and then expanded to become one of the biggest EU producers of hemp. That allowed us to offer perfect experience of CBD wholesale to all other distributors, shop owners, wholesalers and all others in need of hemp products.

About us - hemp field
Hemp greenhouse - Adriatican
Hemp field - Adriatican
Hemp field - Adriatican

The perfect experience of CBD wholesale

And what do we mean when we say “the perfect experience of CBD wholesale”?!

We mean: The same quality of hemp products every time you order, trustworthy analysis of the actual hemp products that we are selling, express shipping, change in price never happens when you buy from us… and many more.

We have offices in two cities, Rijeka and Ogulin and invite all partners and potential future partners to come, get to know us, see what we are all about and to make sure in the quality of our hemp products with their own eyes and hands.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Order or feel free to contact us for more pictures, video, analysis or just to find out how we work!